The Major Changes to Social Media Platforms Facebook and Twitter in 2012

03/12/2012 by Logan Nathan

The year 2012 has been one of major milestones for social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter. Facebook reached the 1 billion user mark and Twitter reached the 500 million users milestone. Furthermore, Facebook also went public and acquired Instagram. So let’s take a look at the some of the key changes in Facebook and Twitter this year. The Major Changes to Facebook in 2012 After the timeline announcement in 2011, Facebook timeline was rolled out to all accounts with a mandatory upgrade. Facebook Chat becomes even more user friendly with icons and links to friends accounts from within the chat window. Over the course of the year, Facebook also launched a desktop chat app

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The Top Five Social Networking Sites for your Business

22/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Networking is an established practice in companies and it is considered to be an integral part of online marketing. With the number of social networking sites on the rise and each one offering a different service and catering to a different audience, where do you draw the line? As a business, you cannot afford to spend infinite time maintaining your social networking sites. So which ones can you leverage to maximise the efficiency and ROI of your company? We have compiled a list of the top five social networking sites that we feel are important for companies to consider when drafting your social media strategy. These sites are the absolute must haves for any company. Facebook –

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Tips to become a successful Twitterer

08/03/2012 by Logan Nathan

Having started off my career as a social media marketing assistant a few months back, after many internal training sessions I have settled into my role and am now confidently using Twitter for business marketing. I now manage a multitude of clients from varying industries for the Australian market. Prior to this career opportunity, although I was a regular user of Twitter and Facebook, I had in no shape or form used these social networks for business marketing. Today, however I can safely say that I am reasonably “qualified” to publish my own set of tips on how to successfully use Twitter for Business. . . .

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[Case Study] – Sydney Based Plumber goes Social

22/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

One hour Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing service that specialises in hot water, blocked drains and other services such as sewer installation, rain water tanks, taps and toilet repairs together with bathroom and kitchen renovation. The unique service guarantee of One Hour Plumbing is that they quote by the job and not by the hour. . . .

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The Importance of Role Modelling in Social Media

07/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

In the pre-social media age, role models were individuals who served as an example and were emulated by others. Role Models were sporting heroes, public icons, community leaders & business leaders. However, post social media, role modeling took a whole different meaning. For any newbie getting started with social media, one of the key tips that has been widely quoted for social media success is – role modelling. So what is social media role modeling?  There are so many tips and tricks for successful social media engagement and community building, but the most common of them all is watching and learning from companies and brands who have already created successful social media

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Social Media Wars – Who will dominate in 2012

16/12/2011 by Logan Nathan

What a year it has been in 2011 for those of us embracing social networking for business. The competition among major social media business channel’s in 2011, has been unprecedented. Most of the impetus for this activity is due to the new player in the social media market, being Google+. Looking towards 2012, which major social media channel will dominate the social media market for business. Will it be? Facebook – the seasoned giant; ideal B2C marketing tool Twitter – the underdog , but evolving quickly and radically Google+ – the rookie with a major search engine backing LinkedIn – being seen as a key social media platform for business relationship, rather than just re

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Ten Social Media for Business Marketing Management Platforms

by Logan Nathan

Are you a social media marketer for your business? Then you are probably handling multiple social media channels for your organisation. Apart from tweeting, posting you also need to look at measurements, ROI, and analytics. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manage the content, the monitoring and management of all the social media channels in one platform? Here are the top ten social media marketing management platforms what will help you manage multiple social media accounts, measure ROI and engage prospects via content. Shoutlet – Social Media Marketing Management Platform Using this platform you can manage your social networks, create promotions & contest

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Qantas Airline Industrial Dispute – the Social Media Reaction

02/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

For the first time a major brand in Australia went through a serious union strike and industrial conflict where the whole world reacted through social media. Through this article, we hope to examine the Qantas back story, the damage to the brand and the social media reaction from both the public and Qantas itself. The Back Story Whether you are living in Australia or elsewhere in the world, you were probably aware of the recent industrial dispute of Australia’s flagship airline carrier. As part of a long running labour dispute, Qantas started grounding its flights, with all flights being halted over the last weekend of October. The dispute which was developing for over 18 mont

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Link Your Website To Twitter And Facebook

18/12/2010 by Logan Nathan

If you are serious about running an online business and you do not have an existing Twitter or Facebook account yet, then you should consider creating these accounts right away find your way to making your own business pages in these two accounts. Social Media for Business Case Study – Focus Fitness, Sydney, Australia Using Face book and Twitter to promote your company or perhaps sell your products is definitely one of the best ways by which you can intensify your product or company’s popularity among consumers.  If you do not have one yet, here are some of the reasons why you should at this instant come up with your own Facebook and Twitter business accounts from my personal firs

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TWITTER for Business – Is it just a passing Fad?

03/11/2010 by Logan Nathan

What started off as a new way to socialise online using just 140 characters has become irreplaceable in the lives of many people. The success of TWITTER as a Social Media Platform until recently had businesses thinking. Could this be used as a medium for sharing information and as an open source of communication with Prospects, Clients, Suppliers and other Interest Groups? . . .

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