Are you ready to transform your organisation into a Social Business?

10/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

After the founding of Facebook, social media was a buzz work for the industry but today it’s a way of life. Today social business suffers a similar fate – it’s a buzzword that companies can no longer afford to ignore. According to Dion, Hinchcliffe of the Dachis Group, social business “is what executives want. This will change our industry. This will dramatically improve our results.” So what difference does social business make? How is it different from social media? . . .

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What do CEO’s think of Social Media?

17/06/2012 by Logan Nathan

Sixty Four countries, 1709 CEOs from 18 industries – the findings from these have been compiled into IBM’s 2012 CEO report. Among the diverse range of topics covered social media is one of them, and it gives us expert insights into what today’s CEO think of social media and how are they using it to engage. . . .

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Tricks to creating a successful YouTube Campaign

22/03/2012 by Logan Nathan

Founded in 2005, over the period of 7 years YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine – after Google. You Tube is primarily a web based video streaming and sharing website where users can share, view, upload and comment on online videos. . . .

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Tips to become a successful Twitterer

08/03/2012 by Logan Nathan

Having started off my career as a social media marketing assistant a few months back, after many internal training sessions I have settled into my role and am now confidently using Twitter for business marketing. I now manage a multitude of clients from varying industries for the Australian market. Prior to this career opportunity, although I was a regular user of Twitter and Facebook, I had in no shape or form used these social networks for business marketing. Today, however I can safely say that I am reasonably “qualified” to publish my own set of tips on how to successfully use Twitter for Business. . . .

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[Case Study] – Sydney Based Plumber goes Social

22/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

One hour Plumbing is a Sydney based plumbing service that specialises in hot water, blocked drains and other services such as sewer installation, rain water tanks, taps and toilet repairs together with bathroom and kitchen renovation. The unique service guarantee of One Hour Plumbing is that they quote by the job and not by the hour. . . .

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10 Great Tips for Getting Started with LinkedIn in 2012

19/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

The Social Media team at ICT Social Business spent the better part of 2012 concentrating on Social Search, Social Business and SoLoMo. But this week, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to our Social Media basics, more specifically LinkedIn. We all understand the importance of LinkedIn as a B2B social media marketing tool, and we understand that for a novice it can be quite overwhelming to get started on LinkedIn. Our Business Development Manager – Richard Holland, a relative social media and LinkedIn virgin, has created his own profile and listed a few tips which he thinks will help others like him to Get Started on LinkedIn. Here are the ten tips …. Don’t be afra

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Four Steps to Building your Social Media for Business Campaign

16/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

The year 2012 has been dubbed by experts as the year of social content and customer engagement. However for marketers the daunting task has always been how can they translate the time, effort and money spent on social media to get a Return on Investment (ROI). But social media has always intrigued marketers due to the fact that it adds interactivity which did not exist in traditional marketing.  Using Social Media campaigns marketers can engage and directly communicate with the customers, a feat that was impossible with traditional marketing channels. In an age when social media is the major online platform used by our current and future customers, what are the steps social marketers

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How to brand your business using Social Media

07/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

Background When you hear the word brands, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Coco Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Google? Did you ever stop to think why these brands are so popular or why these names are a constant presence in our minds? What makes these brands stand out amongst millions of others? One word – branding. So what is branding? Well the key to success in branding in understanding the customers’ needs and wants and anticipating them. Your branding strategy needs to be entwined with the hearts and minds of your customers. In the past, branding meant advertising via TV, radio, newspapers and on hoardings, flyers and other print material. Its about having a constant

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Qantas Airline Industrial Dispute – the Social Media Reaction

02/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

For the first time a major brand in Australia went through a serious union strike and industrial conflict where the whole world reacted through social media. Through this article, we hope to examine the Qantas back story, the damage to the brand and the social media reaction from both the public and Qantas itself. The Back Story Whether you are living in Australia or elsewhere in the world, you were probably aware of the recent industrial dispute of Australia’s flagship airline carrier. As part of a long running labour dispute, Qantas started grounding its flights, with all flights being halted over the last weekend of October. The dispute which was developing for over 18 mont

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Is LinkedIn The Death Knell Of Recruitment As We Know It?

24/03/2011 by Logan Nathan

When LinkedIn opened its first office in Australia in January 2010, Steve Barham, the Director of Hiring Solutions predicted that most of Australia’s workforce would be covered by LinkedIn.  By June the same year, 15,000 new people had signed up as members.  On the flip side recruiters Rio Tinto, HP and Vodafone Hutchison were among the first to sign up for LinkedIn Recruiter a new product that was rolled out. The seriousness with which this social media business portal is targeting the recruitment industry is evident from Global CEO, Jeff Weiner‘s observation that the recruitment solutions division is LinkedIn’s biggest and fastest growing division. A wake-up call to recruiters Th

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