The Challenge for Businesses with Social Media and Mobile

26/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

As Samsung and Apple battle it out for dominance in the mobile space with smartphone and tablets, other companies are trying to bridge the gap between IT and mobile. Social Media and mobile phones have become intertwined and created a new medium of corporate communications.  But how are the IT departments of companies going to cope? How can they survive?

With applications, analytics, add-ons, server space all freely available, do organisations require an in house IT department? What is the future of enterprise IT? Gartner research indicates that within the next three years, almost 35% of enterprise IT expenditures will happen outside of the corporate IT structure. What does this mean?

It means that employees that are not within the IT department are becoming more and more tech savvy and know how to bypass the decisions of the IT department, to get the latest and greatest tools. So what is the challenge? According to Dion Hinchcliffe, “”In general, people are much more tech-savvy. They know what is possible. Everyone is trained that ‘there’s an app for that”.

So the IT department has less control, over the software and the information flow. This is a paradigm shift in terms of control. For the past fifteen years one of the top priorities for companies was IT and IT spending, today it is more about social and mobile. This shift was brought about by the convergence of social media and mobile devices.

The Challenge for Businesses with Social Media and Mobile

A study done on CEOs by IBM proves this very point. When questioned on what CEOs were concentrating on in terms of IT, the reply was collaboration and mobility. It is now no longer about being an IT savvy workplace but more about the collaboration of information and the mobility of it. This is just the first step in the direction of becoming a social business.

Better collaboration and mobility have long since been identified by experts as the must haves of becoming a social business. The important thing here to remember is that this isn’t just about the internal day to-day activities of the organisation, but also about customer interaction.

This change in the status quo, has been brought on by all types of social media platforms, not just Facebook and Twitter. The average employee no longer needs to wait for IT to analyse and report the numbers, they can use analytics to generate their own reports. This has empowered the entire workforce and the decision makers to change the corporate culture and become more social.

IT can no longer exist in a silo, where the decision makers on the line items of IT expenditure are not the ones actually using it.  Employees have now found ways to bypass IT and do it their way. This is in large part, thanks to companies like Google, who offer a range of collaborative tools that can be used free of charge. \

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Today, companies are being forced to look at how they can leverage social media platforms and search engines like Google, to make faster and smarter business decisions. Maximising on social media and mobile has moved from the nice to have list to the must have list. The biggest drivers of this change are also the customers themselves, because rest assured, that whether companies are not collaborative or mobile, the customers certainly will be.

The current organisation structures are heavily dependent on the digital model but that will change to become a social one.


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