Know Who’s Been Viewing Your Linked In Profile

17/12/2010 by Logan Nathan

The popular Linkedin’s primary objective is to strengthen and deepen your business footing in the industry you belong to, many businessmen have already started to use this Social Media site for networking and business purposes.  It has actually already garnered over 85 millions of people from 200+ countries who have registered as the site’s official users. In the past, the ultimate purpose of Linkedin is merely to let its users establish and maintain connections with the countless of other people who they deal with in their business. In fact, you can use the site as a place for finding jobs, or perhaps for coming across some business opportunities that could make you become richer in n

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TWITTER for Business – Is it just a passing Fad?

03/11/2010 by Logan Nathan

What started off as a new way to socialise online using just 140 characters has become irreplaceable in the lives of many people. The success of TWITTER as a Social Media Platform until recently had businesses thinking. Could this be used as a medium for sharing information and as an open source of communication with Prospects, Clients, Suppliers and other Interest Groups? . . .

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Brand Integrity – How to Build It with Twitter

05/10/2010 by Logan Nathan

One of the biggest breakthroughs that Social Media has achieved is the “humanizing” of companies. It has brought executives down from their ivory towers to the shop floor, making them available to interact with customers irrespective of their geographic location. Twitter, the micro blogging platform has spearheaded this trend, allowing prospects and clients to share their views about products and services in real time through short messages of140 characters. Practicing the art of generosity In most cases users follow many more Twitter members than there are following them. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to be generous in following others in a particular niche. Using

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Using Social Media – A Perspective For Your Business

11/09/2010 by Logan Nathan

It’s redefined the way people communicate online, it’s revolutionised the internet and is pulling viewers away from drab television programs. If you’re not yet using social media for business you may be wondering what it’s all about, any why it’s being talked about in business circles as the marketing tool for the new economy. Let’s examine the “Social” aspect of Social Media. What does it really mean to be Social. What does Social Media mean for business? Social communities comprise people from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and education levels. You never know who is reading your message. This is why your messages must be kept simple and straigh

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How Businesses are using Social Media

26/08/2010 by Logan Nathan

With businesses hopping on the bandwagon, it’s no more a question of, “whether” but “when” a business should get serious about implementing a Social Media Strategy.  Interestingly businesses use different Social Media Platforms to meet their own marketing objectives. So, what exactly are businesses doing with this new-found marketing tool and how exactly are they using it to their advantage? It’s no surprise that Australian businesses are quickly beginning to use Social Media for marketing their business. Why wouldn’t they?, when Australia ranks among the top in the world for internet usage with users spending around eight hours per month on an average on various Social Med

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Flickr – Social Networking through Photo Sharing

18/08/2010 by Logan Nathan

Flickr is a web site that offers photo sharing and a host of related services for users of any level – beginners to professionals. More than just being a web site, Flickr is a community – one with a very strong and active user base and one of the fastest-growing photo sharing sites on the web. Clearly, Flickr provides an excellent opportunity for the smart, creative small business owner. . . .

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Youtube – The live face of your Business

10/08/2010 by Logan Nathan

While YouTube is used by a large number of individuals to post interesting & entertaining videos, astute marketers are using it to present the human face of their business and grow their sales. Using YouTube for business is not about creating a profile and uploading a bunch of commercials. There’s a lot more to using as a social media marketing tool. . . .

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LinkedIn – The Online Networking Platform for Professionals

09/08/2010 by Logan Nathan

What began as a Facebook for business professionals has gained ground as a Social Networking Mecca for business professionals. With over 50 million members, LinkedIn provides an opportunity to network with professionals that you never knew existed. This could lead to leads that can be converted to customers. Alternatively one could find joint venture partners or even advisors to help grow a business. . . .

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Facebook – Using it to your advantage in business

03/08/2010 by Logan Nathan

If you are already popular on Facebook your task in influencing & persuading people to become your fan is a lot easier than if you were to start out afresh. The simplest and most common form of communication on Facebook is through messages. Messages can be one-on-one or one-to-many. . . .

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How To Integrate Social Media into Search Marketing

30/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Business owners often ask the question, can Social Media Marketing be used to improve search results for a business? The answer is yes. There are many ways that Social Media and Search Engine Marketing can be integrated to give a business greater visibility both for paid search and organic search. . . .

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