10 Great Tips for Getting Started with LinkedIn in 2012

19/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

The Social Media team at ICT Social Business spent the better part of 2012 concentrating on Social Search, Social Business and SoLoMo. But this week, we thought it would be a good idea to go back to our Social Media basics, more specifically LinkedIn. We all understand the importance of LinkedIn as a B2B social media marketing tool, and we understand that for a novice it can be quite overwhelming to get started on LinkedIn. Our Business Development Manager – Richard Holland, a relative social media and LinkedIn virgin, has created his own profile and listed a few tips which he thinks will help others like him to Get Started on LinkedIn. Here are the ten tips …. Don’t be afra

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Ten tips that changed how I use Facebook for Business

15/02/2012 by Logan Nathan

When I first joined ICT Social Business, to say I was green behind the ears about Social Media, would be an understatement. I had used Facebook and Twitter for leisure but in no shape or form for business. After many internal trainings session, I became confident in managing major client accounts. During my morning online research rituals, I always find interesting articles and tips on how social media and Facebook can be used for business. So I decided to share some tips which I feel have changed how I use Facebook for Business. Here are the ten tips in managing Facebook for Business: – Tip 1:  – Role Modelling: Take a look at successful social media campaigns and top br

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Social Search – The End of Traditional SEO?

23/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

We are only a few weeks into 2012 and the social media world has been revolutionised yet again. This time around it’s Google and its Social Network Google+.Google has launched Search plus your World. This feature has been in the works for a while now and released at the beginning of 2012. As expected it faced criticism on many points including privacy concerns, security, anti-trust, and also the war amongst the big 3 Social Media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There is much debate about how this is going to affect traffic from news sites, how this will affect users and personalised search. With Google’s new social search initiative, search results are integrated with a user

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Four Steps to Building your Social Media for Business Campaign

16/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

The year 2012 has been dubbed by experts as the year of social content and customer engagement. However for marketers the daunting task has always been how can they translate the time, effort and money spent on social media to get a Return on Investment (ROI). But social media has always intrigued marketers due to the fact that it adds interactivity which did not exist in traditional marketing.  Using Social Media campaigns marketers can engage and directly communicate with the customers, a feat that was impossible with traditional marketing channels. In an age when social media is the major online platform used by our current and future customers, what are the steps social marketers

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Social Media Wars – Who will dominate in 2012

16/12/2011 by Logan Nathan

What a year it has been in 2011 for those of us embracing social networking for business. The competition among major social media business channel’s in 2011, has been unprecedented. Most of the impetus for this activity is due to the new player in the social media market, being Google+. Looking towards 2012, which major social media channel will dominate the social media market for business. Will it be? Facebook – the seasoned giant; ideal B2C marketing tool Twitter – the underdog , but evolving quickly and radically Google+ – the rookie with a major search engine backing LinkedIn – being seen as a key social media platform for business relationship, rather than just re

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Ten Social Media for Business Marketing Management Platforms

by Logan Nathan

Are you a social media marketer for your business? Then you are probably handling multiple social media channels for your organisation. Apart from tweeting, posting you also need to look at measurements, ROI, and analytics. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manage the content, the monitoring and management of all the social media channels in one platform? Here are the top ten social media marketing management platforms what will help you manage multiple social media accounts, measure ROI and engage prospects via content. Shoutlet – Social Media Marketing Management Platform Using this platform you can manage your social networks, create promotions & contest

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Qantas Airline Industrial Dispute – the Social Media Reaction

02/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

For the first time a major brand in Australia went through a serious union strike and industrial conflict where the whole world reacted through social media. Through this article, we hope to examine the Qantas back story, the damage to the brand and the social media reaction from both the public and Qantas itself. The Back Story Whether you are living in Australia or elsewhere in the world, you were probably aware of the recent industrial dispute of Australia’s flagship airline carrier. As part of a long running labour dispute, Qantas started grounding its flights, with all flights being halted over the last weekend of October. The dispute which was developing for over 18 mont

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How can the Sri Lankan Tourism Industry take advantage of Social Media

24/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

700 billion, 30 billion, 200 million -These are some of the staggering numbers being associated with the amount of minutes users spend  interacting, uploading and socialising on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Fickr and Youtube. The results suggest that the number is increasing at an almost astounding rate. To put these numbers into perspective – according to Social2B, 700 billion is the number of minutes people spend on Facebook every month. 35 billion is the amount of content shared on Facebook every month! 200 million is the number of Twitter users worldwide. How many of these videos, links and posts are about Sri Lanka, our hotels and our locations? Not nearly enough

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Choosing your Social Media Consultant for Education, Strategy and Management

21/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

It is not a question of whether businesses need to use social media but a question of how well we use it. But, businesses are overwhelmed, under pressure or confused and need to get experts to advise them on how to handle social media and the platforms. Businesses now know that they need to be getting social in order to drive traffic to their websites and generate Return on Investment (ROI). However, the challenge that businesses face is the lack of expertise in social media and the fact that it can sometimes be time consuming. For those of you who are newbies, social media is a vehicle for communicating socially. But while traditional media is one-way, social media is two-way. You have t

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The Tips and Traps of using Social Media tools for your Business

18/07/2011 by Logan Nathan

As the title suggests, this article is a compilation of some of the common – tips, that will ensure the success of using social media for the business and traps that will enable you to make sure you leverage the positive aspects of social media. You are probably wondering how you can benefit from yet another one of these articles when you can download thousands off the internet within seconds. I have compiled this article after working with companies on their social media strategies for more than 2 1/2 years and after falling to the very same traps that I am about to describe to you. In the early days, when I first started with social media, I would have benefitted from tips that will hel

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