Business Blog – How to build one and what to post

20/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Before you begin setting up a blog on your business website, the question you need to ask yourself is what will get visitors to return to your website frequently to view your new posts. Certain blog building elements are crucial to the success of building a business blog. All these elements should be in place for a blog to be effective. The basic elements are like building blocks and while they are not difficult to build, they are extremely important. . . .

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Mapping Social Media To Sales In B2B Marketing

21/06/2010 by Logan Nathan

Just like a sales letter sent out as a direct mailer or posted on a website, using social media to monetize B2B sales requires finding out ways of using the internet to solve a prospect’s problems. Businesses now have the opportunity to identify the needs of customers through monitoring online conversations and addressing these, thereby improving engagement. . . .

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Social Media For Business – Developing Your Infrastructure

by Logan Nathan

If you’re like many business organisations that are testing the water with social media it is important to remember that without the right social media infrastructure, your efforts will not deliver the results that you expected. . . .

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Copywriting Tips for Creating Irresistible Offers on your Website

20/05/2010 by Logan Nathan

While many business owners get excited about their beautiful looking website, few pay attention to the content, which is what visitors to the website look at when they land on a website. The challenge for businesses is to get the website visitor interested in reading through to the end of the web page and taking some action. Depending on the purpose of the website this could either be to buy a product, fill out details on the Contact Us Form or book an appointment for a consultation for your services. . . .

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Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Through Twitter Utilities

14/04/2010 by Logan Nathan

With Twitter sewing up the market for sharing bits of information with the public, smart entrepreneurs are hopping on the bandwagon and leveraging the enormous success of Twitter with their own services. . . .

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Using Social Media for Business – The Power Of LinkedIn written by Logan Nathan

14/03/2010 by Logan Nathan

With over 125,000,000 professionals from around the world representing 150 industries. LinkedIn is a trusted online networking platform for business professionals, and is often called the “Facebook” of business. LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity for business professionals to initiate contacts that can lead to fruitful business relationships. Professionals like accountants, lawyers and engineers are increasingly focusing on LinkedIn as a key element of their social media marketing arsenal. . . .

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Social Media Ethic – Why You Should Think Before You Type?

08/03/2010 by Logan Nathan

Human nature is a very complicated thing and many times our emotions can rule our actions. I’m sure everyone, at one time or another, has had an awful day and snapped at someone at the office, on the phone or even over the dinner table. Now, these instances happen in real time, where the interaction is not documented (unless there is a hidden camera at the water cooler). So if you make a mistake, you can apologize and smooth out the situation. Many times you can even improve on a poor first impression. . . .

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Getting Your Website Integrated With Social Media written by Logan Nathan

30/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Until recently business owners considered Social Media a passing fad. Now even the big business have realised the immense potential of social media as a marketing tool and have embraced this marketing phenomenon with open arms. The obvious next step of course is to integrate social media with the business website. While this may sound difficult to anyone outside the technology industry, it really is not difficult. Essentially using social media is just another way of expanding channels of communication with prospects and customers using content in different forms that are already prevalent, such as video, audio and text. . . .

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Social Media Strategy For Business

20/12/2009 by Logan Nathan

Social media has taken the marketing world by storm and ignoring it can result in lost market share and opportunities to promote brand awareness among a far wider community of prospects that traditional media can ever hope to reach. An amazing business tool, social media, if used correctly can open up an entirely new communication channel to enable businesses engage with customers, obtain valuable insights and respond in an appropriate manner to gain brand equity and increase the level of trust with the company. Besides, by using available measurement tools the effectiveness of the conversations that businesses have with prospects can be measured closely, allowing them to fine tune their soc

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RSS – Can it Be Used As A Social Media Tool?

13/11/2009 by Logan Nathan

The advent of Web 2, quickly introduced the concept of social marketing, which has changed the way businesses go about driving traffic to their websites and blogs. Linking a website to social media channels such a s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter helps marketers get their business categorized correctly by search engines. This results in targeted traffic being driven to the websites. . . .

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