Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker/Trainer

With over 12 years of experience in the field, Logan Nathan is one of the highly demanded trainers and keynote speakers in Australia presenting at digital transformation events and conferences and conducting workshops within Australia and abroad.

Logan is highly passionate about helping small to medium businesses leverage social, local, mobile and cloud technologies to shape their future in the age of digital. His latest entrepreneurial work includes releasing a cloud-based Job Management Tradies software to the Australian market.

His digital marketing firm, solomoIT, successfully running for over a decade along with his vast knowledge on SaaS development, gives him the acumen needed to engage your audience, share insights about his own entrepreneurial journey and equip them with the knowledge they need to start their own.

What are the most popular topics Logan speaks about at Digital Transformation events?

  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digital Innovation
  • Social Selling
  • Digital Marketing

His speeches and lectures are designed to meet your program goals and budget and are well crafted to ignite your events.

His speaking and training sessions help businesses question their status quo and explore the need to embrace digital technology to transform their people, processes and products.

Logan has first-hand experience training front-line staff, managers, senior business executives and even university graduates who seek to adopt digital technology to transform their future. Whether you are undertaking one of Logan’s digital transformation online courses, or attending a training in person, Logan makes sure the sessions are interactive, highly visual and packed with knowledge you can’t find elsewhere.

The unstoppable energy Logan brings to the room can turn a regular event into a high-impact program bound to deliver the results you seek.

Book Logan Nathan for your next Digital Transformation event and enjoy his thought provoking, entertaining and insightful talk.