Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia

17/06/2013 by Logan Nathan

Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia In this week’s edition of our newsletter we will be talking about the impact mobile apps can have towards providing a boost to your small business in Australia. Mobile apps is a widely talked about topic today. With the rapid rise of smartphone usage it has become a leading source of convenience for both business and customers. Be it for product searches, product reviews, purchases, reservations, bookings etc. mobile is increasingly becoming the preferred source. Small business owners depend on staying connected with their customers and mobile apps provide the perfect medium. According to, as much as 80% of the w

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Digital Marketing – A Boon for Small Businesses in Australia

22/04/2013 by Logan Nathan

Digital Marketing – A Boon for Small Businesses in Australia Recent advancements in the digital sphere have revolutionised the world of business in numerous ways. A couple of decades ago, marketing communications were limited to TV, radio and print, which remain very expensive and beyond the reach for many small businesses here in Australia. The situation where big marketing budgets mean more clout for the organisation has changed immensely due to the advent of digital marketing channels. These channels have levelled the playing field for small businesses, arming them with the tools to take on their larger, cash-rich competitors. This week we address how you too can harness the power o

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The Top Four Google Algorithm Changes that Affect your website SEO

05/11/2012 by Logan Nathan

2012 saw some major changes in the Google search algorithm. This is all part of Google’s effort to ensure top quality websites rank high on the search. Chances are, your website too may have been affected, giving rise to the question: What are the changes that affect your website’s performance on search engines? Organic Traffic- coming from unpaid listing on search engines Step one is to determine if your website has been affected by these changes. Check your Google analytics reports and compare them with previous reports to identify if there are any significant organic traffic changes. You need to pay attention to the organic traffic generated, as this is the stream that the Google

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Back to Twitter Basics – A Refresher

21/10/2012 by Logan Nathan

Looks like September and October are months of change for leading social media platforms. A few weeks back Twitter announced some heavy duty changes to its profile.   Together with this Facebook style cover image, Twitter also introduced a brand new iPad app. With all these changes taking place, we thought it’s a good time to revisit the basics of Twitter and why it is one of the top three must have social media platforms for any business. The Network Studies say that Twitter now has over half a billion users and over 140 million active users. If you are looking for word of mouth marketing, this is as good as it gets. Your current customers, future customers are already on Twitter

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LinkedIn Launches New Company Pages

15/10/2012 by Logan Nathan

When it comes to social media and B2B relationships, LinkedIn is the first platform that comes to mind. Maintaining a company page on LinkedIn is so common that we don’t even question why we need it anymore. LinkedIn recently announced the launch of new company pages and rolled it out to the public over the course of last week. Let’s take a look at the changes. The major change that LinkedIn has done is at design level, not at feature level. Similar to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, LinkedIn now allows you to add a cover image for your company page. You can use this customisation to show off the more business and operations side of your company. Norwest Business Portal is a gre

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How are companies using social media for engagement?

02/10/2012 by Logan Nathan

Corporate entities around the world now know that social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with. But how effectively are they utilising social media platforms for customer and brand engagement? Source:   Spredfast recently released a report on the Social Media Engagement Index: A Benchmark Report on the State of Corporate Social Programs. This report gives us insight into how companies are engaging with social media platforms. The following are the brief findings of the report. Most brands that were surveyed are taking a centralised approach to all things social.

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Smartphone Usage in Australia – How does it affect your business?

17/09/2012 by Logan Nathan

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone into the mobile phone market created a ripple effect and has fuelled a catalytic growth, affecting the entire business arena. This coupled with the phenomenal growth of social media, has changed the very foundations of business transactions. If you are a business owner, you need to be mindful of the technological changes that are sweeping the globe, and adapt accordingly. If not, you will be left behind, as your customers start looking for alternative options. According to data published by Google, in Australia, Smartphone penetration stands at 52%; higher than both the USA and UK. Source: As d

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The ROI of Embracing Social Media for Business

12/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Media today, has become an integral part of any organisation. However, there is an on-going debate about how to measure the ROI of social media for businesses. McKinsey Quarterly, recently released a report aptly titled – “The Social Economy – Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies”. . . .

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The Impact of Social Media on the London 2012 Olympics

30/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

By the time this article comes out, the London 2012 Olympics would have officially gotten underway and millions would have flocked their televisions to enjoy the opening ceremony and the games themselves. When the 2008 Beijing Olympics took place, social media had not matured into the marketing platform it is today. Therefore, it is fair to state that this is the first Olympics that would happen in the middle of the social media frenzy. So how is this likely to affect or change the games as we know it? . . .

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A Social Local Mobile Business Solution for the Norwest Business/Sydney Hills Community

23/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

Analysts predict that SoLoMo (Social.Local.Mobile) is going to be the next social media wave that is going to hit the world. At ICT Internet Presence (ICTIP), we believe in staying in line with the technology, which is why a few weeks ago, we decided to convert the Norwest Business Directory into a fully-fledged SoLoMo business portal. Supported by the Sydney Hills council and in partnership with Custom Tec, the portal was developed by ICT Internet Presence. . . .

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