Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia

17/06/2013 by Logan Nathan

Mobile Apps and Their Importance to SMEs in Australia In this week’s edition of our newsletter we will be talking about the impact mobile apps can have towards providing a boost to your small business in Australia. Mobile apps is a widely talked about topic today. With the rapid rise of smartphone usage it has become a leading source of convenience for both business and customers. Be it for product searches, product reviews, purchases, reservations, bookings etc. mobile is increasingly becoming the preferred source. Small business owners depend on staying connected with their customers and mobile apps provide the perfect medium. According to, as much as 80% of the w

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The Biggest Trendsetters in 2012 – Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo)

26/11/2012 by Logan Nathan

Like children, online marketing platforms too go through growing pains before they come of age. 2012 can be classified as the year social media matured. Admittedly it has grown at an alarming rate since social media officially become a “baby” in 2004. So what are some of the most influential changes in 2012?   Social Media Platforms & Smart Phones Smart phones and tablets/iPad became a serious contender for any business and presented an opportunity for all marketers. This year, if smart mobile sales are any indication, mobile is here to stay! Even Facebook acknowledged that mobile offers the biggest opportunity and threat to its business. But Facebook countered tha

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Are you losing business without a mobile friendly website presence?

12/11/2012 by Logan Nathan

Recent years have seen much hype surrounding social media and how companies can benefit from it. Today, social media has become a business norm and the focus has shifted towards mobile. With the world moving towards Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) media, it has become imperative for businesses to make the shift towards mobile. It is no longer adequate to have a mobile friendly website; you need to supplement it with tablet versions of your websites as well, in order to attract more customers. The digital shopper is used to a customer centric business model and not a product centric one. This means deep levels of customisation based on the customer’s location, browsing habits and socia

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