The Top Four Google Algorithm Changes that Affect your website SEO

05/11/2012 by Logan Nathan

2012 saw some major changes in the Google search algorithm. This is all part of Google’s effort to ensure top quality websites rank high on the search. Chances are, your website too may have been affected, giving rise to the question: What are the changes that affect your website’s performance on search engines? Organic Traffic- coming from unpaid listing on search engines Step one is to determine if your website has been affected by these changes. Check your Google analytics reports and compare them with previous reports to identify if there are any significant organic traffic changes. You need to pay attention to the organic traffic generated, as this is the stream that the Google

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How is your website SEO impacted by Google recent changes?

29/10/2012 by Logan Nathan

They say change is the only constant in this world and that is certainly true of all things technology related. Google has rolled out yet another update/addition to its search engine algorithm. In early October, Google launched an EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update. Before we look into the potential impact of this, let’s try to get an understanding on EMD. Exact Match Domain as the name suggests are domain names that exactly match the keywords a business/company is competing for. If for example, you are an internet marketing company then the exact match domain would be This is a loophole in the Google algorithm that has been exploited by smart SEO practitioners. The

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How Businesses Can Overcome Social Media Obstacles

26/07/2010 by Logan Nathan

Businesses who start out with Social Media Campaigns often complain that their efforts do not show results. It is true that Social Media Marketing may not always produce instant results that are expected by a generation of business owners who have grown up in the “instant gratification” culture of the modern society. On the other hand there are certain obstacles that entrepreneurs and business owners need to be able to overcome for their Social Media Campaigns to be effective. . . .

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Has Social Media Optimisation SMO Killed Search Engine Optimisation SEO

13/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

Getting a website ranked on the first page of search engines is the dream of all businesses that rely on the internet to drive traffic and generate sales. There are many strategies to achieve this objective, including Pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, linking and search engine optimisation (SEO). . . .

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Fast Track Your SEO With Google Search Options written by Logan Nathan

04/06/2009 by Logan Nathan

Google has made a great new change for search that will be of immense help to webmasters and affiliate marketers alike. Until recently inputting a search term in Google would return a whole list of searches. However there was no way of drilling down into the search for a greater degree of relevancy. All this has now changed. Social marketing – Google’s wake up call . . .

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